Why does OurBalance exist?
OurBalance helps people understand balance to redefine wellbeing in ourselves, communities, and the world.
How does OurBalance help?
It visualizes key behavioral and biological balance metrics to make it possible for people to start conversations, take action, and then improve our mutual well-being.
What is OurBalance?
An anonymous app for everyone that measures and visualizes balance without you needing to do anything.
Why does the app need to access my location all the time?
OurBalance uses your location when calculating work and social balance. Without background location access you would need to open the app whenever you go somewhere, which would require an annoying amount of effort.
Is my location data sold to companies or advertisers?
No, your location data is only used to calculate balance scores and it is never shared or sold to anyone.
Is my location shared with other users?
No, OurBalance never shares where you are or where you have been with other users.
Can other users find out my balance score by being in the same place as I am?
No, a balance score for a place is only shown if several people have been to the same place.
Where can I find the privacy policy?
Battery life
Will OurBalance drain my battery?
No, it only uses the measurements your phone is already making anyway and communicates with our servers infrequently. The impact of OurBalance on battery use is less than 1% when running the background.
Do power saving modes affect the accuracy of OurBalance?
When in power saving mode, your phone turns off some of the measurements used by OurBalance and makes others less frequent or less accurate. This means that also the balance score will become less accurate and in some cases cannot be calculated at all. It's best to use power saving modes only when the phone is actually low on power.
iPhone specific
Invite link opens in Safari instead of the app even though the app is installed
iPhone sometimes fails to register that the app should open invite links. Restarting the iPhone and then reinstalling the app is known to help.
iPhone camera doesn't find the invite QR code

QR code scanning might be disabled in Settings, please check the instructions here:

I reinstalled the app and it didn't find my existing data
Your data is stored in iCloud and sometimes it takes a while for iPhone to synchronize it after reinstalling the app. We recommend closing the app and reopening it after half an hour.
Android specific
Invite QR code is not working

For some phones you need a separate QR code scanner app. This page has instructions for different phone models:

The app says that not enough data was recorded for a day or week

Check that you have granted both the allow location always and physical activity permissions (if available in settings).

Check that your phone isn't in power saving mode.

If enough data still isn't coming, your phone might have a non-standard version of Android that prevents apps from running correctly. Read more at

What does the "Updating steps" notification mean?
To make sure steps are correctly placed in your daily timeline, OurBalance sometimes quickly reads the value of the hardware step counter, which is found on most phones.
Getting help
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