OurBalance Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
Beta Stage and Premium
Using Our Balance
Content and Privacy
OurBalance cloud service uses cookies and related technologies to authenticate your user account.

OurBalance also uses cookies to track your behavior in the app to improve the user experience. For example, OurBalance tracks the features of the app that you use and the order in which you use them, but not the data you enter into them.
Personal Data
OurBalance data is stored encrypted on the Google Cloud Platform and the encryption keys are managed by them. The OurBalance code that processes user data runs on Google Cloud.

OurBalance uses IP addresses to help diagnose problems with servers and to understand where users come from.
Removal of Data
You can remove all data gathered by OurBalance with the remove button found in user settings inside the app. This removal is irreversible. The way your balance score has contributed to the balance of locations will not be affected.
Data Protection Officer
Sam Engström, email: sam@timespace.co
Governing Law
General Terms
Legal Entity
The OurBalance app and cloud service is operated by:
Timespace Cloud Ltd
Kampinkuja 2
00100 Helsinki